LinkedIn training course for recruiters

Are you looking for a LinkedIn training course for recruiters?

LinkedIn training1Discover how to:

► Reach the right candidates via LinkedIn
► Keep your brand name in front of the right people
► Get job candidates to come to you
► Stand out from the crowd of recruiters
► Create trust and confidence amongst candidates
► Tap into the power of LinkedIn as a recruitment tool
► Fill more job vacancies and increase turnover and..
► …keep your clients happy

Why choose Nigel Temple?

1. He has worked with recruitment companies and understands how they work.
2. Nigel joined LinkedIn in 2003 – the year that it was launched (which means that he knows LinkedIn inside out).
3. Nigel has a network of 25,718,227 people within LinkedIn and he constantly receives connection requests.
4. As a professional trainer and speaker, he puts everyone at their ease during his workshops and talks.
5. His background as a professional salesperson, marketer, copywriter and social media website owner gives him a unique perspective with regards to social selling.

LinkedIn training course for recruiters can be delivered as an in-house training workshop, 1-2-1 coaching or as a talk to groups of any size.

To find out more, or to receive a quick quotation by all means get in touch.

Within the UK call:  01628773128

From outside the UK call:  +441628773128


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