Nigel TempleNigel Temple BA (Hons) MCIM is a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author who was trained to sell by Rank Xerox. He joined LinkedIn in 2003 – the year that it was launched. He now has a network of 25,812,482 people throughout the world and he has shown thousands of professionals, business owners and executives, including marketing and sales teams how to get better results from LinkedIn.

“Thank you for the LinkedIn training session, it was very insightful.” ~ Sales Manager, Californian based AI company

Nigel has written over a million words of promotional copy for thousands of different professional services, manufacturing, B2C and B2B enterprises. His first book was entitled Writing Copy for the Web. Nigel served as a Faculty Member and Course Director with CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years.

As a trainer and speaker, he puts everyone at their ease during his workshops and talks. He motivates delegates to take action and use LinkedIn on a regular basis. Using social media in the right way is a core skill within a digital economy. His average delegate satisfaction rating is 93%.

Nigel is the founder of The Marketing Compass, a social media website which focuses on marketing issues. He has worked with enterprises of all sizes on their marketing strategy and promotional campaigns.

Nigel has more than 15000 Followers on Twitter, as well as thousands of connections via other social media platforms. He holds an honours degree in marketing, from Greenwich University and was originally trained to sell by Rank Xerox. He is a trainer in Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping and Learning-to-Learn systems.

Nigel is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter who always packs a great deal into his presentations. He is an experienced seminar trainer / conference speaker, using a variety of approaches to embed the learning process. He carefully tailors each presentation to the needs of the client.

Nigel ran a PR and marketing services firm for nine years, handling national and international media relations campaigns and he has delivered training for a host of famous names, including the BBC, Microsoft, the NHS, Robert Dyas, Nissan and General Motors.