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Nigel Temple joined LinkedIn in 2003: the year that it was launched. He now has a network of 25,812,482 people throughout the world and he has shown thousands of professionals, business owners, executives and sales teams how to get better results from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn-overview-MindMap-by-Nigel-TempleChoose from 1-2-1 coaching, in house training and talks to groups of any size.

Discover how to:

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple – LinkedIn trainer and speaker

*  Create an effective LinkedIn profile
*  Setup your account so that everthing works properly
*  Position yourself / your enterprise within LinkedIn
*  Build your network (with the right type of people)
*  Use the most important features within LinkedIn
*  Understand the established (and new) features
*  Attract the right type of contacts for your business
*  Drive traffic to specific pages within your website
*  Generate sales enquiries & meetings via LinkedIn
*  Measure your results

The training / talks include live demonstrations and step-by-step ‘how to’ guidance to make LinkedIn work harder for you.

“Nigel provided excellent LinkedIn training to Williams Woodward and I would recommend him very highly. He has also given us valuable input into our Social Media and Marketing strategy. If you are looking for an experienced marketing guru, Nigel is the man.” Kristina Russell, Williams Woodward

“Nigel Temple is one of the most entertaining and erudite marketing trainers and speakers you will find. I highly recommend him. He has a seemingly unlimited depth of knowledge.” ~ Tom Evans, Shere Solutions

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